About us

Our journey began in 1989, with the mission of providing technical solutions for power generation plants and heavy industry facilities. On the verge of the 90’s, a period of unprecedented economic growth and globalization; a team of engineers with the vision to take on the challenges of transforming the energy market & industry came together to form Enervek.


At the time of Enervek’s inception, the prevailing number of organizations operated under rigid top-down principles. Enervek ventured to be different, focusing on empowering goal-oriented teams that reinforce initiative and unleash vital creativity.

Throughout the three decades of successful operations, we have firmly seeded ourselves in Greece, and continue to proactively adapt to the ever-changing circumstances, embracing change, and uncovering opportunities. What remains constant is our focus on our clients’ needs, dedication to an exceptional customer experience, and commitment to long-term partnerships.

The core mission of providing our customers with the optimal technical solutions, shaped our culture to embrace technological innovation and environmental awareness, envisioning a brighter and a more sustainable future.

Roots & Values

Looking ahead, we embark on a journey to drive the transition to energy sustainability, evolving our business to focus on:


Transportation accounts for 30% of the world energy consumption and is responsible for 1/5 of the global CO2 footprint. Electrification of transportation, not only addresses its direct impact, but also enables power supply-demand matching, thus unlocking a broader potential for renewable energy. Upcoming technologies such as bidirectional charging (V2G & V2H) will further enhance the field of opportunities bringing unprecedented efficiency.

Power quality

Solve tomorrow’s power quality problems and providing the ideal solution that will enable a sustainable & efficient use of electrical energy.

Moving ahead

Enervek Recharge

| www.recharge.gr | Our dedicated eMobility platform

Our dedicated eMobility website (www.recharge.gr) offers in-depth information on EV charging solutions, charging equipment, specialized knowledge base, and more.

eMobility services

  • Wholesale and distribution of charging equipment
  • Retail of residential & commercial charging stations
  • Design and installation services for private, commercial and public applications
  • Charging infrastructure management, support & maintenance services
  • Implementation of CPO solutions
  • Development of custom platform solutions and e-mobility applications (eMSP)
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