Maintenance and Overhauls

We have been executing overhauls, repairs, and maintenance jobs since our incorporation; continuously acquiring new experience and refining our know-hows. Our major market of power generating equipment, involving assets such as generators, turbines, and furnaces; holds no tolerance for oversights, consequently pushing us to refine and perfect our procedures and employ the market leading equipment and tools.

Repair of Large Electrical Machines

Enervek has extensive experience in addressing the requirements for emergency or quick turn-around repair project. Our success stories include projects on steam turbine generators, hydro generators, a motor-generator set, and large electric motors – many of the projects involving complete or partial rewinding. New windings are designed, manufactured, and installed as quickly as in six months, or even quicker for special urgent cases. Furthermore, we are able to tackle the maintenance of electrical auxiliaries such a high voltage motors, transformers, and excitation systems.

Generators for Hydro Applications

We have an extensive experience with the maintenance of hydro generators. With our engineering and design capabilities and an array of on-site service expertise; we can address a complete range of maintenance tasks, including stator core replacements, rotor refurbishment, rewinding, and various modernizations through component replacement.

Generators for Steam and Gas Turbines

Our project list includes rewinding jobs and overhauls for a number of generators and motors types, both standard and non-standard modifications. The technological know-hows, equipment, service facilities, and skilled technicians enable us to provide complete solutions based on the client’s requirements, existing regulations, and OEM recommendations.

Suspension Systems

Piping systems, serving as channels for critical fluids and gasses, are often subject to extreme temperatures and pressures that can result in thermal expansions and shifting. Whether the plant utilizes fixed supports or adjustable suspensions, routine inspections and maintenance is necessary to ensure a flawless operation of the system.

Our specialists execute the necessary measurement at cold and operating temperatures. The collected data is processed through specialized software and analyzed against existing drawings and specifications, existing forces, and possible emergency scenarios; creating a unified plan for adjustment and suspension element setup/calibration.

Workpiece Repairs on Site

Enervek cooperates with the leading companies specializing in installation, maintenance, quality control and workshop services for metal structure and mechanical components. Our services range covers coating, machining, assembly and installation work, as well as mechanical engineering and quality control.

The state of art equipment allows some of the most demanding jobs to be completed at site, offering the advantages of shorter implementation times, elimination of transportation planning, control and flexibility over the execution process.