Procurement Solutions

Our broad network of selected suppliers and partners allows us to provide our clients with wide array of solutions, ranging from procurement of spare parts and components; to turn-key projects involving complex engineering and specialized experts.


We are able to undertake the procurement of equipment sets, stand-alone assets, various components, and spare parts for a diverse selection of manufacturer. The optimal solutions are derived based on our clients’ technical brief, equipment description, specification, or even part number; always incorporating the goals communicated by the client.

Throughout the three decades of procurement activities, we have persistently fiddled with the optimization of our processes and quality reinforcements; improving and refining our services. Today, we offer a variety of proven cooperation schemes that can be instantly applied to match the diversified operations and procedures of our clients; ensuring seamless integration of our services and non-disruptive execution.

Complete Cycle from Procurement to After Sales Support

Our services cover all stages of equipment replacement:

  • Dismantling of old equipment. Including utilization or scrapping of the decommissioned equipment
  • Identification of compatible replacement alternatives
  • Design for the implementation of the new equipment – taking into account design and operation differences
  • Resolution of incompatibilities – through engineering
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • After sales support

Our business resolves around return-customers and strong long-term relations, placing exceptional emphasis on ensuring that our clients receive the most comprehensive aftersales support including; maintenance, consumables, spare parts, updates, repairs – throughout the asset life cycle.