At Enervek we believe that the only constant of the industry is its dynamics. For this very reason, we implemented flexibility at the core of our company’s identity, at the time of our establishment in 1989.

Our first years of operation coincided with the collapsing of the barriers between West and East Europe; inspiring us to envisioned the outlying prospects, and setting out to pave the paths for integrating the previously covert know-hows of the East to the innovation-hungry West. Simultaneously, we were able to enrich the competition-starved East with the technologies of West.

Upon entering the new millennium, we never ceased brainstorming so as to understand the opportunities and challenges brought by innovation, globalization, and growing environmental awareness. This strive pushed us to relocate to the EU, embracing the free-trade and single currency market advantages; unlocking further potential of our diverse team.

We see every alteration of our service portfolio as a step forward; enhancing, reinventing, and reinforcing our company’s core objective. The projects below present some of the steps that have made our present array of services available.